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The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery

Ever wonder if organic foods are worth their high price? Are the marketing claims true? Are organic foods really more nutritious, safer, and better for the environment? Can you handle the truth?

Buy The Truth About Organic Foods by Alex Avery and find out.

Finally, a science-based book written for the average consumer that gets past the endless marketing hype.

In plain, non-technical language, Avery strips bare organic myths. Instead of platitudes and promises, Avery gives you the facts—from independent university studies and neutral government sources. He even quotes extensively from organic activists, revealing in their own words the emptiness of their claims.

Sure to be the most talked about book on organic foods in over a decade.

Order your copy today!



The Truth About Organic Foods
by Alex Avery
November 2006
Published by:
Henderson Communications

230 pages | Soft Cover

$19.95 single copies, plus s & h
Bulk discounts available.

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